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Nuclear Power in the Age of New Threats


Webinar on a very difficult issue and excellent speakers! The Joint Project Symposium “Nuclear Power in the Age of New Threats” will examine the situation of the war in Ukraine and other military and terror threats on nuclear power plants. The attacks on Zaporishia NPP shocked the world, because the unthinkable - intentional shelling of an operating NPP - actually took place. Other threats such as the cyberattacks on the Iranian NPP Busher showed that another taboo was broken when nuclear security and safety was used to build up negotiation pressure.

In the symposium we will discuss the current situation and the wider circumstances. The panel at the end will attempt to draw lessons and open issues to be answered by nuclear industry and states with nuclear programmes.

Presentations will cover the following topics:

    Responses on the nuclear crisis by international institutions (IAEA, EU)

    Chronicles of nuclear terrorism of the RF in Ukraine

    Research Results from a Project in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Defense on Ukrainian NPP in the war

    How are the threats on Ukrainian NPPs reflected in Russia?

    Security hazards of nuclear installations

    Russian grip on EU nuclear industry


This event is organized by the Joint Project – Nuclear Risk & Public Control (http://www.joint-project.org/)

The online symposium will be held in English.
This event will be recorded.

Zusammengestellt von Renate Brandner-Weiß

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